Hello my friends, Hai here today, I will continue to post for the new year with synthesis of the latest free blogspot templates (themes) in 2021 . Instead of creating a free wordpress blog with non-customized templates, instead configure the settings and create a blog with blogspot, you will have a more professional blogspot template that can edit the optimal HTML. SEO is nothing equal to right. In this article, I will summarize simple blogspot templates in areas such as sales, standard seo news blogspot template, beautiful blogspot themes for real estate blogspot, wap game, movie, video, ladingpage and other Beautiful personal blogspot template but completely free offline.

1. Bmag Blogger Template – Standard seo news blogspot template

Bmag Blogger Template once brought a worthy reputation  Sweetheme Team until now many Bloggers are always nostalgic about it. Currently, this news blogspot theme is widely shared, you can easily own without having to buy at  themeforest and still have a professional free news website template.
Bmag is the most beautiful free news blogspot 2021 template in my opinion and there are also many beautiful covers in which Star Tuan is also the owner of a cover of this Bmag theme. As for the news theme for this blogspot, the installation is a bit difficult, so to make it easier for you, I will make a detailed tutorial on installing the complete blogspot news template from A to Z, so please rest assured.
SEO BMag standard SEO news blogspot template

2.Exelixis3 – Beautiful personal blogspot template

Still a best- selling personal blogspot template on  themeforest you will be able to create a beautiful personal blog with this very beautiful personal blogspot template in the previous post I have had the post to share 7 personal blogspot templates but have not mentioned. This personal blogger template today has a chance I will share it for you all.

Exelixis3 is a free 2-column personal blogspot template quite similar to the personal blog of famous Bloggers in Vietnam such as thachpham.com, kiemtiencenter.com, canhme.com …

Exelixis3 beautiful free personal blogspot template

3. Just Sing It – Beautiful free video blogspot template

The blogspot video template for blogspot 2017 is shared by Thaiaiti quite beautifully designed with the same interface as a Youtube channel that can insert videos from many sources. Now Azatemplate lets share this blogspot video template for free for anyone who needs it.
Free beautiful video blogspot template

4. MegaShop – Full Vietnamese sales blogspot template

Megashop is the full Vietnamese sales blogspot template that Azatemplate made.This is a simple sales blogspot template that is dubbed the best blog template today you can create a free sales blog with the sales blogspot theme. this standard.
Form template blogspot free sales priced but its shortcomings are not professional shopping cart, if you place an order send your mail you will not know what that product is. But in return all other utilities are complete and perfect.
Full Vietnamese sales blogspot template

5. Essential Oil Blog – SEO standard sales blogspot theme

This is a love theme why I say so, when using this SEO standard sales blogspot template, you will understand the problem. This sales blog code is optimized by Azatemplate for standard data structure (If your website has no data structure in 2018, Google will mistakenly think your website is spam). The comprehensive beautiful sales blogspot template, unlike the Vietnameseized sample above, is not perfect, this is a Vietnamese sales blog, all of which are comprehensive and perfect. My advice would you to use this template to create a free sales blog for starting your business.
SEO standard sales blogspot theme

6. Movie Shock Pro – Anime movie blogspot template

This is a free shared movie blogspot 2021 template, but this is not a responsive blogspot template because the blog or website is difficult for their authors to write responsive for anime design templates with all the data that makes it easy for you. easily build your own movie website.

Share beautiful movie blogspot template for free

7. Free real estate blogspot template selling project

Form template blogspot real estate free selling a project extremely well designed home page 2 column SEO friendly completely, in all templates blogspot real estate FREE for sharing, this is a blog that I feel satisfied most hearted until now.
Beautiful free real estate blogspot template

8. Beautiful free blogspot lading page template

Form template blogspot free lading page was designed in accordance with this blog utraview website is a simple responsive template blogspot the lading page you can introduce your company or product introduction are good offline.

Beautiful free blogspot lading page template


9. Template for free blogspot wap game extremely hot

This is a mobile blogger template designed to be a game wap site with beautiful wap interface. This is a blogspot template that loads terribly fast if you are thinking of making money by sharing games or hitting a certain array for mobile users. Here is a wap game code for blogger you should use.

Beautiful free wap game blogspot template



The above are diverse blogspot templates but especially sales, real estate, news, wap games, movies and videos. Hope the free blogspot templates that we will share with you. like and support more.
latest blogspot templates
latest blogspot templates



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